Parish Youth Ministry (Summer Youth Camp 2009)

Summer Youth Camp is an annual event in the Parish of Timanan, South Upi Maguindanao.  SYC is one of the most exciting activities for the youth in the Parish. A total of 198 young people have participated in the four day SYC’09. These young people came from the different chapels of the Parish. The venue for this year was held in a small village in Mafran, about 50 kms from the Parish.

The aim of the SYC is to bring together the young people to create a community where there is time and space for reflection, sharing ideas and essential experience, as well as allowing time for fun. The theme for this year Youth: Instruments for Peace & Dialogue. This theme serves us through the camp in a practical and spiritual way where inputs, workshops and group discussions and team building activities took place. During the camp there were sports and pilgrim walk (Walk for Peace) and talents shows like singing dancing and drama.
Fr. Aliki Langi, sm Parish Priest of  Our Lady of Salvation Parish, presided the mass on the last day of the camp. He encourages the young people of our Parish to promote peace when they return to their respective communities.

 Thanks to the many people who helped us in many ways especially our parishioners in District 4 who worked very hard in preparing the venue. Our Seminarian (Dindo) & former Marist Seminarians (Jun, Alvin, Jano & Randy) who came from Davao as our facilitators, thanks to the Partners in Marist Mission-Davao (PIMM) for their financial support and to the community of Blesssed Sacrament Seniors of New Jersey, USA for their religious stuffs and school supplies that the gave to us, many thanks.
No words can express how very, very grateful we are for all your support and service. You are part of our Marist Mission in Timanan South Upi, Maguindanao Philippines. A great big thank you to all of you.

Fr. Long,sm

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  1. hahaha! kuyaw jud ni father uie! wa ko na orient! ambot lang jud ha! May the Almighty Father Bless u dre sa imong journey and mission!