Inauguration of the Mini Hydro Electric Plant in the Barangay of Itaw – 29 September 2009.

Tuesday 29th of September, a day will go in history in this village, the blessing of its 10 KVA Mini Hydro Electric Plant. The day before, there was a medical mission carried out by Doctor Ruby Simon, assisted by the village health workers, Mrs Lobes Collado and Mrs. Weng Manindo, Fr. Long, Reynan, together with Miss Carmen Virgara and Miss Erika who came from Davao were also part of the medical team.

The fiesta mass was at 9 o’clock in the morning of Tuesday, celebrated by Fr. Long. After the mass, everyone was heading towards the side of the hydro, 800 meters away from the chapel. The Mayor, Hon. Abdullah Bets Campong, and the Vice Mayor Maria Sargan and three Municipal Councilors were present.

Before midday with the arrival of the visitors from Cotabato City, Dr. Jong Lao, Stanley Cang, George Bartolabac and Edwin Villador, the blessing was underway. Fr. Long and Pastor Roger lead the prayers, and the cutting of the ribbon by Mayor Campong and Vice Mayor Maria Sargan, Engr Nick Govind, Barangay Julie Blanco and Fr. Aliki. Indeed, what a moving moment to witness a hydro electric plant in this remote area.

From the hydro side, the crowd were heading back for the blessing and the turn-over of a solar dryer and a bodega, funded by the Autonomous Region of Muslim Mindanao Social Fund(ARMMSF) Four representatives from ARMMSF were present for the occasion.

Lunch was served followed by speeches and entertainments. By two o’clock in the afternoon, visitors were moving already, going home. The medical team were on their bikes and about 8 horses going to the Village of Mafran 15 kilometers away, for another medical mission and the blessing the Mafran hydro the next day, September 30.

The funding of this project; thanks to the Australian Embassy (Manila), Kutawato Council for Justice and Peace  (KCJP) for facilitating the transfer of he funds, Catholic University School Ireland, Marist Mission Center, Australia, Mr. Reggie Hockenberry(U.S), the Barangay of Itaw. Many thanks to Engr., Nick Govind who designed and supervised the project.

Fr. Aliki Langi,sm

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