The Hydro Electric Plant in Mafran

This was the first day in the month of May in the village of Mafran looking at the side where the hydro will be build. The local government officers were invited, I was thinking it is good for them and the people to think that they own the project.

The sand for building the tank for the hydro, and cementing the pipe and other cement works was being brought up by horses from a river two or three kilometers away. The elevation also is quite steep from the river to the hydro side.

The day of the field trip of the students from the Mafran Elementary School to the Hydro site. Engineer Nick Govind in the green T-Shirt explaining the Hydro to the children. The Children also did a little work, again for them to own the project and Nick stressed that point, "Children this hydro belongs to you, you own this hydro"

The children, the future and the Community and the Church.

The Archbishop of Cotabato, Orlando Quevedo OMI DD, during his pastoral visitation, visited Timanan. This was the time Nick was painting the two turbines for Itaw and Mafran. We found out the the Archbishop is a professional painter. He put the finishing touches to the turbines. We thank you Archbishop for visiting us. The two turbines were being built and fabricated in Cotabato City by Engineer Nick himself. It is indeed a blessing for Timanan to have Nick with us.

Fr. Aliki Langi,sm

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